Back in Bassett!

The Liberal Democrats celebrated a historic return to Southampton City Council by taking a Bassett seat off the Conservatives in the May 2022 elections.

Richard with his team at Southampton Sports Centre

Local activist Richard Blackman won the seat with 52% of the votes – a majority of 702. He said, I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to the electors of Bassett for entrusting me with the responsibility of representing you in the Civic Centre. I am both humbled and delighted by the support you have given me.

Bar graph of Bassett results: Lib Dem 52%, Conservative 35%, Labour 11%
The results in Bassett, May 2022 City Council Elections

Richard added, “Having talked to many residents over the past year, I am very much aware of a desire for change in how you are represented. As I take up my responsibilities I aim to be responsive, approachable and accessible to all residents. I won't take you for granted.

“I’m really looking forward to serving the people of Bassett, and also hope to make a positive contribution to civic life as the first Liberal Democrat to be elected to Southampton City Council in more than a decade.”

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Lib Dem and Greens working together for a better Southampton

Greens and Liberal Democrats come together for the planet, for a fairer & more just Southampton.

For too long, the voices of Green and Liberal voters have been excluded from the decisions of the City of Southampton. Whilst the two parties remain distinct with their own policies, we are united in the need for urgent action on the environment and climate change, the need for social justice and for a more diverse set of decision makers.

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Southampton Lib Dems call on City Council to accept refugees from Afghanistan


Resettlement of refugees from Afghanistan

We are writing to ask Southampton City Council to urgently make provisions for the resettlement of refugees from Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover of the country.

The United Kingdom has a responsibility to ensure the safety of the thousands of people in Afghanistan who have helped the British Armed Forces over the last 20 years who are now at great risk following the withdrawal of British and American troops.

We should also take steps to ensure that women and girls in Afghanistan are offered protection in the UK. Over the past 20 years, women and girls have been able to access education and speak out against oppression in Afghanistan. They are now particularly at risk with reports of girls being removed from schools across the country, and female journalists being targeted by the Taliban.

Southampton has a proud history of providing sanctuary to those fleeing persecution. Southampton Liberal Democrats believe that our city should continue in this tradition and do our part to protect our allies in Afghanistan. We are asking you to make urgent contact with the Government to offer the support of Southampton City Council in providing asylum for as many refugees as is practical in our city.

We look forward to receiving your reply, and for Southampton City Council to do all it can to limit the extent of this humanitarian crisis.

Kind regards,

Thomas Gravatt Richard Blackman

Southampton Liberal Democrats campaigner   

Chair of Southampton Liberal Democrats