Lib Dem emergency action plan for local jobs

Red Funnel very © Peter Trimming

The recent cuts in Red Funnel jobs, plus other job loses, shows the need for urgent policies to protect and generate local jobs. Local Liberal Democrat Economics Spokesperson Colin McDougall has called for Southampton City Council to develop and implement an emergency action plan for jobs in Southampton.

“Government and city council employment data shows that the city faces a significant contraction in the local labour market due to the impacts of the COVID 19 restrictions. An emergency package of policies is urgently required to mitigate this contraction or a significant number of jobs will be lost. The economic data shows that retail, leisure and transport sectors have been severely impacted. The plan should explore ideas such as reductions in business rates, relaxation of restriction on use of street space by restaurants/cafes and the council to prioritise buying from local suppliers. Backing local business is critical to success.

“As with our successful shop local campaign we are keen that there is cross party consensus to ensure this action plan starts working immediately and is also sustainable over the coming months.

“The Liberal Democrats are therefore calling for a cross party action group to be setup to agree the plan and give it their full support.”

“It’s time for action to protect & generate jobs”

No Fair

For the second time in a week the council has cancelled a major event with less than 24 hours notice, this time the FunFair in Riverside Park.


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Lib Dems welcome Bassett cycle lanes rethink

Responding to reports that the Labour-run City Council have axed part of a controversial cycle lane on Bassett Avenue, Bassett campaigner Richard Blackman commented:

"Part of me is sad to see the cycle lanes go, but it was a trial so if Southampton City Council has - as we called for - been listening to residents' concerns, and if monitoring of the traffic data has shown a negative impact, then a rethink is certainly in order. To reduce noise pollution and for safety reasons I hope that the 30mph speed limit will remain.

"I trust the Labour Council will stand firm on the cycle lanes south of the Winchester Road roundabout as they are particularly important for connectivity between key destinations within our city.

"The decision to remove the cycle lanes does nothing to resolve the issue of congestion on the city's roads or to make progress on sustainability in our regional transport network. At the very least we call on the Council to work with neighbouring authorities to implement a Park and Ride scheme."

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