Southampton Test Constituency

George Percival

George Percival is the Lib Dem candidate for Shirley. He is the best choice to be your next councillor.

George lives in Shirley and is a full-time firefighter - this gives him a unique perspective on the challenges facing the community and the importance of local government in solving them. George hopes to make Shirley a vibrant and sustainable community that provides opportunities for all to thrive. 

The Liberal Democrats have a strong record of success in our area. This May use your vote for the local Lib Dem team fighting hard for Shirley.

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The Liberal Democrats are demanding better for Southampton

The Liberal Democrats’ priorities for Southampton

Protect Local Services

Labour have pushed Southampton City Council to the brink of bankruptcy risking our city’s finances. The Lib Dem team are campaigning for financial responsibility to protect services.

Improve Our Environment

The Liberal Democrats are committed to improving our environment. We are calling for more street trees, improvements to local parks, and investment in renewable energy.

Investment in Local Facilities

The Lib Dems have successfully called for investment in the Sports Centre. Now we are pushing the council to get a move on, and calling for improvements to other facilities across the city. 

Promoted by A Clifton-Melhuish on behalf of Southampton Liberal Democrats, all at Flat 2 Elizabeth Court, Aberdeen Road, Southampton SO17 2LU.