Our plan for Southampton

Demanding better for our city

The Liberal Democrats are demanding better for Southampton

Prioritising sustainable transport

Our city faces increasing congestion and environmental challenges. Under the current Labour administration, we've seen a lack of decisive action on sustainable transportation. Their failure to introduce a park and ride system has worsened traffic congestion and air pollution. Projects that continue to constrain existing traffic flows in the absence of alternatives is only exacerbating the city’s problems.

Southampton’s Liberal Democrats believe in halting any further road constraining projects until we successfully introduce a park and ride system. This will provide a tangible and realistic option for visitors to the city, cruise ship passengers, football fans and shoppers for which active travel is an unrealistic alternative. In addition, the creation of a central transport hub linking, trains, buses, coaches, ferries, and other transport types should be prioritised as a keystone of Southampton’s on-going infrastructure requirement. This initiative will not only alleviate traffic congestion but also contribute to a cleaner and greener environment for all residents.

Addressing housing affordability

Under Labour's watch, the housing crisis has deepened, with over 7,500 households languishing on the council's waiting list. The time taken to turn around vacant houses is at record levels and the list of outstanding repairs has never been longer. Their failure to take decisive action has left many residents struggling to find affordable housing.

Southampton Liberal Democrats plan includes developing or selling key vacant sites in the city to provide affordable housing options for those in need. Purchasing additional housing in the city to help address this need and increase the council’s revenue streams and either radically address the deficiencies in repairs to properties or bring these services in-house. Everyone deserves a safe and secure place to call home, and we are committed to making that a reality.

Ensuring financial stability for the future

The Labour administration has overseen financial mismanagement, leading to budget deficits and cuts to essential services. Our city has been brought to the brink of bankruptcy whilst other south coast neighbours continue to thrive and invest the dividends from their well-managed investment portfolios.

Southampton Liberal Democrats understand the importance of sound financial management in ensuring the delivery of essential services. That's why we are dedicated to implementing a long-term financial investment strategy aimed at shoring up the council's finances. This will include sustainable borrowing to generate revenue being lost annually by central government cuts and by acting, not just complaining. A diverse portfolio of house-building and commercial investment will not only provide stability but also generate revenue to reinvest in existing services that matter most to you.

Restoring reliable refuse collection

Labour's recent changes to worker conditions have disrupted refuse collection services, causing inconvenience and frustration for residents. A poorly managed initiative, this was instigated with no wider consultation or warning to residents in the city. In addition to the enforcement of booking slots to visit the city’s recycling centres, this is just the latest in a long line of policies designed to make daily life harder for residents in the city.

We are committed to restoring reliable refuse collection by working closely with workers to find solutions that ensure fair treatment and efficient service delivery - with residents of Southampton kept informed at every step. Likewise we are committed to reviewing the reasons for and effectiveness of implementing booking slots at the councils recycling centres.

The Liberal Democrats have a record of success in Southampton. We have successfully campaigned for slower speed limits in residential areas. We are putting pressure on the council to improve its environmental record. And we have stood up for local residents on the council.

Lib Dem councils locally are well run with balanced budgets. In contrast, Labour and the Conservatives have pushed the City Council to the brink of bankruptcy. Our city deserves better.

Local people are fed up with being taken for granted. They know that the hard-working Lib Dem team are demanding better for Southampton, and they’re switching their vote to us. On 2nd May vote for a fresh start for Southampton. Vote Liberal Democrat.

Care for vulnerable

With the cost of living so high, it has never been harder for vulnerable people. The Lib Dems have an action plan to reduce food and energy prices. We will protect funding for social care locally and prioritise restorative justice.

Roads and pavements

Our roads and pavements are in a sorry state. The Lib Dem team are calling for repairs to Southampton’s crumbling infrastructure. Uneven footpaths make it hard for people with mobility issues to get around and must be fixed.

Public Transport

With First now gone, we are calling for a full review of the bus network to make sure it serves the whole city, not just the centre. In the longer term we also want to introduce a proper park and ride system and a tram network.

Safer streets

Southampton Lib Dems successfully called for 20mph speed limits in residential areas across much of the city. We now want this expanded to every residential street in Southampton to improve safety for all residents.

Invest in communities

Southampton’s community spaces are in desperate need of investment. We are calling for our high streets to be modernised to bring them into the 21st century. We will also invest in youth centres to support young people.

Fight climate change

Climate change is the biggest issue facing the world. We will directly invest in renewable energy from the council to reduce Southampton's environmental impact. Lib Dem councils have a strong record of fighting climate change.

Our campaigns

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George Percival with a bus in Shirley

Better buses for Southampton

Thomas Gravatt talking road safety on Bassett Green Road

Turn the lights back on


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