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Paper has been God for the Lib Dems for decades so the last few months have been quite a change! Without the money or media profile of the other parties we needed to go direct to voters with our message. For decades our Focus newsletters have shared our passion for local community politics but the pandemic have meant this has had to stop. The Southampton party has suspended all volunteer canvasing and delivering of campaign literature, until the lockdown is lifted. We have moved to full digital & phone campaigning due to the new lockdown, which has been very rewarding challenge for us in the Shirley team. Hopefully you have seen our enewsletters, FB posts & petitions. 

The government has declared that the city council elections are on for May. If I'm honest I found it hard to see how the elections can be fair or safe in the present circumstances but going ahead they are. (Well until the PM decides to do another U turn at least!). There has been some discussion about all postal voting but unfortunately there are practical problems which make this impossible. Some changes will be needed but its really important that local issues get debated in these elections. 

The Shirley Lib Dems delivered one of our surveys in December and response was great, and one of the biggest issue was the junction at the top of Hill Lane with Burgess Road. I'm keen to get this improved, as the junction is unsafe and very inefficient for traffic flows. As a local person I have seen and experienced the dangers of the junction myself. It's really time for the City Council to come up a better design. To gather support the Shirley team started a petition with some FB promotion. The respond has been amazing and I'm confident the City Council will listen but we need more names so please share the petition.

The petition will run for another 2 weeks and then I will take those names to the City Council to request a fundamental re-design of the junction.

Petition to improve Hill/Burgess Road junction Sign here

Do sign up up the Shirley digital Focus to learn how this and other campaigns are progressing.





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