Candidate: Andy Beal

Parliamentary Constituency: Southampton Test

I have lived in Southampton for 18 years and have settled in Freemantle; I am married to a primary school teacher, with two young children. I play rugby to a very mediocre standard and enjoy fishing whenever Mrs Beal allows and have enjoyed increasingly involving myself in a number of community projects in the Freemantle ward.

In my lifetime I have never known the country to be more divided, Leave vs Remain, Old vs Young, North vs South and Left vs Right. These divisions are routinely exploited and utilised by the two main Political parties and I find the current brand of polarised tribalism seen at a national level dismaying. Focusing on the divisive issues, increasing fear and anger against each other coupled with the rise of the more fundamental elements of Left and Right, I worry this division will only be perpetuated and encouraged by Labour and Conservatives as they look to cement their strength and influence much to the detriment of the nation as a whole.

My hope is that the nation is growing weary of this brand of political posturing and will seek to find the positivity that can unite us on the common ground and shared beliefs that make us the envy of many a nation.

Since becoming more involved with local politics I have been shocked and embarrassed by the behaviour of the two main parties in Southampton. They seem to have forgotten that local government is exactly that, it is about doing what is best for the local people in their respective wards.

The childish, mud flinging between Labour and Conservatives who seem more focussed on cheap point scoring rather than coming together to produce the best results only perpetuates impasses and stalemates adding to the chagrin endured by the residents of Southampton.

I will adopt a rational and pragmatic approach to representing the residents of Freemantle following the local elections in 2019.

As your councillor for Freemantle, policy will be shaped by the views of the residents of Freemantle and Southampton. My opinions and decisions on policy will be based on its merits and potential benefits to the community regardless of the colour of the tie of the councillor proposing it.

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